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Budget Beauty: Dress Don’t Stress

Tuesday,06 Feb 2018 07:21 PM IST

We are all guilty of adhering to latest fads and following them as if they were a gospel to live by! And yet sometimes (Note: most of the times) it is extremely difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends than Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Trends come and go and keep changing more so than even seasonal changes and what suffers most is our bank account as constantly investing in high end brands and excessive shopping could make you almost broke. But fret not! Here are a few tips to help you live like a fashionista frugally.

  • Taming Of The Shoe

Shoes are one of the greatest indulgences for most of us. There must’ve been a time when you may have bought a pair on a whim just because it was either trending or was just way too good to let go and after purchasing them realised that they only look good but don’t feel good with all the bites and blisters which immediately make you regret your decision of buying them. However, you don’t need to throw them out and buy new ones. Some of the best remedies to avoid this situation are applying some baby powder on your feet to avoid excessive perspiration as it accelerates the chance of having a shoe bite, freezing the shoes with zip lock bags full of water which as the water freezes, expands the shoes thereby avoiding shoe bites and another method is wearing your thickest pair of socks when you wear the shoes and the blasting your blow dryer which helps in expanding the shoes as well.

  • Ain’t No Thing As Too Much Bling

Use an elegant earring stud or other sparkly and smart accessories to fix wardrobe malfunctions such as a gaping shirt or a loose neckline as not only does it add visual interest but also puts spare jewellery to good use as well.

  • Mr/Miss Mix-a-Lot

Organise your closet and mix and match and create an entire new outfit with the pre-existing bundle of clothes as it is an easy way to avoid repetition and play around with colours to create a statement ensemble of your own! You will be surprised with the varied options you have at hand.

  • Sale Away

Follow the latest sales and look for brands that have good offers as well. Besides this you could also check online shopping portals for coupons, deals and seasonal sales as well, however, be aware of things like size and fabric types and do not choose something just because you like it when it isn’t available in your size.

  • Scarfed For Life

Scarves are the most affordable solution to jazz up any outfit. Available in various prints, colours and styles, they basically suit everyone. So when it doubt, scarf it out! For you can never go wrong with these versatile pieces of fabric.

  • The Bare Accessories

 It is fairly easy to buy chunk jewellery nowadays at an extremely affordable price point. Use this to your advantage and stock up on imitation jewellery such as ethnic earrings, bracelets, neckpieces and chokers and even hair accessories to make a statement and to also enhance a dull outfit as well.

  • Season’s Greetings

One of the best (and lesser known) tips to save money is buying things off season such as buying winter clothes in summer and vice versa because it makes a huge difference while paying the price of the outfit which would probably be higher or even doubled when the season for the same starts.

  • A-Men

What is an often ignored fact is that sometimes menswear is cheaper than womenswear especially clothes like basic solid coloured t-shirts which can be styled with a shrug or a jacket with a scarf and basic jeans with sneakers for an effortless yet stylish look.

(As Compiled by Prerna Mistry)



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