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Get the number that gives you ‘Moksha’ from Vishnu Sahasranamam

Tuesday,09 Jan 2018

ME NEWS BUREAU: Mantras and slokas will give you the moksha – the ultimate destination that you want to reach. When it comes to reading Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram, you will get 108 slokas. Quite a number to get moksha!! But do you know the slokam numbers in Vishnu Sahasranamam  that determine your destiny?  If not, Shiju Panicker writes about the list of nakshathras and the sets of slokam numbers for each star in Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram

Every person has a Slokam from Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram, based on his or her birth star and paadam. On chanting that Slokam everyday, the person attains spiritual and material benefits. To know what is your slokam you have to follow the method explained here:

In Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram, there are 108 slokas. Totally there are 27 stars, list of which is given below. Each star or nakshatram has 4 paadas. Each person is born in one of the paadas.

Therefore totally there are 108 paadas, in one-to-one correspondence with the 108 slokas of Vishnu Sahasranaama Stotram. Your slokam is that which corresponds to the serial number of paadam in which you are born.

For example, if your star is Rohini, paadam is 3rd, your slokam no. = Ashwini 4 +Bharani 4 + Kruttika 4 + Rohini 3 = 15th slokam of Vishnu Sahasranaama Sthothram, which is "Lokaadhyakshassuraadhyaksho..."


This is the list of nakshathras and the sets of slokam numbers for each star:

1) Ashwini - 1-4

2) Bharani - 5-8

3) Kruttika - 9-12

4) Rohini - 13-16

5) Mrugasira - 17-20

6) Ardra - 21-24

7) Punarvasu - 25-28

8) Pushyami - 29-32

9) Aaslesha - 33-36

10) Magha - 37-40

11) Purva Phalguni - 41-44

12) Uttara Phalguni - 45-48

13) Hasta - 49-52

14) Chitra - 53-56

15) Swati - 57-60

16) Vishakha - 61-64

17) Anuradha - 65-68

18) Jyeshttha - 69-72

19) Moola -73-76

20) Purva Ashaadha - 77-80

21) Uttara Ashaadha - 81-84

22) Sravanam 85-88

23) Dhanishttha - 89-92

24) Shathabhisham - 93-96

25) Purva Bhaadrapada - 97-100

26) Uttara Bhaadrapada - 101-104

27) Revati - 105-108


Vishnu Sahasranaama Sthothram has the power to activate Sahasraara Chakra, results in Atmajnaana and Brahmajnaana. To attain Moksha, one's Sahasraara Chakra must be fully opened. Daily concentrated reading of VSS will activate the Kundalini and other Chakras too.

VSS contains the 1008 names of the Bhagawan. It was compiled by Sage Veda Vyaasa, and is a part of Mahaabhaaratam.

In Mahaabhaaratam, Bheeshma on his 'ampasayya', told to Yudhishtthira (Dharma Raaja), who wanted to know what is the way to attain Moksha, asks "ko dharmassarvadharmaanaam bhavatah pramo mataha, kim japan muchyate jantur janmasamsaarabandhanaat ," meaning, which is the greatest dharma and by chanting what do we attain Moksha.  Bheeshma chants the VSS to Pandavaas who were present before him at that time.

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