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Kiran Bedi will make better CM: Shanti Bhushan

Thursday,22 Jan 2015

AAP founding member Shanti Bhushan said Thursday that making Kiran Bedi the BJP's chief ministerial candidate in Delhi is a "master stroke" and she will make a better chief minister than AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

  Kejriwal, however, played down the comment, saying it will not cause any damage.
 "Kiran and Arvind were both part of the Anna movement, it is definitely a master stroke by the BJP because it is a success of the Anna movement," Shanti Bhushan said.
 "People want somebody to be the chief minister who has an honest image...If a person who is a crusader against corruption becomes the chief minister, people will be happy," Bhushan added.
 Bhushan was part of the Jan Lokpal movement and India Against Corruption led by social crusader Anna Hazare.
 "Perhaps she would make a much better chief minister because there is so much being said against Arvind," Bhushan told news channel Times Now.
 Kejriwal played down the statement, saying it only displayed the internal democracy within the party.
 "There is no damage as such...It just shows that there is an internal democracy within the party and all are free to air their views," Kejriwal said, responding to questions over Bhushan's comments.
 "We have an internal Lokpal in the party, Shantiji has also sent many complaints and the Lokpal considered them. If he has more complains, he can approach the Lokpal," he said.
 Bhushan said that Kejriwal had, in fact, asked Bedi to be the chief ministerial candidate of AAP, but she refused.
 "Last year, Kejriwal offered the post of chief minister to her. It means he felt she would make a better chief minister, but she did not join AAP. I think from very beginning, she had some pro-BJP mind-set. I would have preferred if she was with AAP and became the chief minister," Bhushan said.
 The former law minister also alleged that the ticket distribution in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was faulty.
 "In the ticket distribution, he (Kejriwal) has given tickets on the basis of winnability," he said.
 Bhushan said that Bedi's nomination by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the success of the anti-corruption movement.
 "AAP's aim was to re-establish clean politics in the country. It has succeeded in the way it forced the BJP to bring Bedi in the party," he said.

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