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Make Your Day Batter

Monday,16 Apr 2018

By Prerna Mistry

When it comes to the overall aesthetic image, what you see on TV and on the internet is a far cry from the actual picture. Bakeries generally have an entire team of experts and even housekeeping staff that manage the entire show. At home it is usually one or two people working in a limited environment. It takes time to manage and organise everything, but you will get there someday. Till then be prepared to face a royal mess in the kitchen. You might get on the nerves of your family members with the mess, but always remember, any human being can be bribed with good food.

You’re going to have a lot of tasting at every stage and your family is invariably going to be your taste testers. This will obviously be a field day for them for the most part, but it will have a strong impact on the diets of everybody. The dishes are not just going to be rich in flavour but also in the ingredients as well as the calories. And too much of anything can be bad for one’s health.

But even as desserts, it is not healthy to eat baked foods everyday as these are heavy foods and not so easy to digest. This is why it always works better to bake in small batches in order to prevent you from making a meal out of cakes and curbing your calorie intake.

The biggest challenge in baking however is the decorating. This is what usually gets people interested in baking. There are wonders that one can create with different ideas and techniques, but this is something that can take quite a while to master. And decorating also involves lifelong learning, creativity and reinventing. Patience is the key word when it comes to icing, piping and embellishing all your baked goodies since it involves a lot of materials, techniques, ingredients and recipes.

Decorating a cake involves a lot of approaches and features. And all of these can be very tricky to work with. Piping on something simple like whipped cream and ganache looks so easy in videos and even if you see a professional baker do it in real life. Try doing it the first time on your own and nailing it; it would be nothing short of a miracle. If that happens, consider it to be your lucky day. Because the first few times you have to deal with uneven layers of cakes or cupcakes, cakes and cookies that look like the theme was either food fight or disaster or even sabotage. Sure if it’s tasty it’s going to be eaten anyway, but we all love to eat foods that are appealing. Even making the cream, the ganache or rolling out the fondant and gum paste can be a very messy affair when you are starting off. You have to be patient and be aware of the fact that the flair and flourish that come with Instagram worthy baked goods will take time to master and ease into.

However, as the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, don’t get disheartened and discouraged by these obstacles and the mess ups and goof ups that come along the way at starting levels of your journey as a baker. And as the words of the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro himself, “No matter what the recipe, any baker can do wonders in the kitchen with some good ingredients and an upbeat attitude!”

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