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Modi addresses public rally in Karnataka

Tuesday,20 Feb 2018

Media Eye News Bureau: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a public rally in Karnataka said that the state needs a government with a “mission” like the BJP to ensure all-round development and that as long as there was a Congress government in Karnataka, the state could not progress.

Modi asserted, “You have a choice to elect a party (BJP) which runs a government with a definite mission and reject a party (Congress) that works only for commission. Karnataka does not require a 'commission' government but a 'mission' government led by the BJP which will ensure all-round progress of the state. Congress has ruined the state and people will teach them a lesson in the elections.”

He further stated, “Every day a new scam, new corruption charges and new allegations are cropping up against their leaders and ministers or those related to government schemes. The Congress leaders spread lies and repeat them, believing that the people would believe them. But the people are wiser and they never accept such lies for long.”

The prime minister also claimed that despite the Congress ruling the country for over half-a-century, four crore families in the country were without power.


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