February    2019

TDP President writes to BJP President

Saturday,17 Mar 2018 06:11 AM IST

TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu wrote to BJP president Amit Shah stating that they felt it pointless to continue in the NDA and that the union government failed to discharge its constitutional responsibilities in implementing the ‘Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014.’

In a four page letter, he asserted that on most of the crucial provisions of the Act as well as the assurances given in the Rajya Sabha, the progress had been “tardy, unsatisfactory and disappointing.”

He stated, “Today, a feeling is gaining ground in our state that the BJP is not sensitive to the aspirations of our people. We feel the government headed by it is not willing to implement in letter and spirit the provisions in the AP Reorganisation Act and the assurances given by the then Prime Minister in Rajya Sabha.”

Naidu expressed that his party had joined the alliance hoping that the state would get fair treatment and that the people would get justice. However, he observed, “When our being in the alliance doesn't serve that purpose, we feel that it is pointless to continue.”

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M. Suryanarayana

11 month(s) ago

The decision TDP is very haste. When gentlemen is trying to bring the position of country on track with his honest &sincere efforts this bargaining is quite unwarranted by joint hands with cruked people who have no any solid plan to.lead India to tremendous progress. TDP should work on certain principles work together with NDA & give sufficient time PM to settle the complicated issues to strengthen his hands. Also sit together & try to solve the issues . Opportunits should should not be given to spoil the future of country by corruption which we have seen for the.last 50 to sixty years. Reply


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