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West Bengal CM takes jibe at BJP

Sunday,04 Mar 2018 07:47 AM IST

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee took a jibe at the BJP on their Tripura win as she stated that the party will never win West Bengal and Odisha.

She asserted, “There is nothing to rejoice in the win in a state having only about 26 lakh voters and two parliamentary seats with a difference of about only five per cent votes. The CPI-M has done well in the poll. It is a difference of about five per cent votes only. But the CPM in Tripura had never shown any seriousness to resist the saffron party in that state. I don't know why. We need to analyse this.”

Banerjee added, “It will not be possible at all to get through in West Bengal and Odisha. BJP will concede defeat in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In Gujarat it was a moral defeat for them.”

She took a dig at BJP and stated that, “Sometimes a cockroach also wants to be a peacock and put on its feathers. It will never happen and would forever remain a dream.”

The West Bengal CM further stated that, “Had Rahul Gandhi accepted my proposal for an alliance among the Congress, the TMC and local hill parties, the situation would have been different in Tripura. I had even recommended sharing of seats - Congress in 30 seats, TMC 14 and hill parties in 16 seats. But the Congress leadership turned down my offer and now you can see the results. The Congress has got just about 1.5 per cent votes, which is a matter of shame.”

Banerjee wondered why the CPM ‘surrendered’ before the BJP and asked, “Was it in fear of being blackmailed and harassed by the central agencies?”

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