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Will The X-Men Join The MCU?

Wednesday,17 Jan 2018 03:25 PM IST

Media Eye News Bureau: With the Walt Disney Company buying media assets from 20th Century Fox, questions of the X-Men entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been doing rounds and Marvel Studios Visual Design Supervisor Andy Park, who has designed character looks, costumes, and creatures for major MCU movies, revealed his thoughts on the deal as he said, "So I was at Stan Lee Comic Con last year and I got interviewed, and I got that exact same question (of the X-Men entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe), like, 'What is some of the characters you would dream of designing or working on? My answer was always the X-Men characters. And I'm like, 'But it's never going to happen. But, we also used to say that about Spider-Man, so you never know."

However, Park admitted that he and his co-workers weren't aware of the deal negotiation between the Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox and were surprised when it was announced.

He further expressed that fans shouldn't expect an X-Men post-credits scene in any movies for the next couple of years as he said that he had no idea when they’re actually going to come out.

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