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YouTube wont kick off Logan Paul anytime soon

Tuesday,13 Feb 2018 03:31 PM IST

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently said that she isn’t going to kick controversial online star Logan Paul off the platform.

YouTube had announced that they world de-monetize his channel more than a month after Paul posted a video featuring the blurred face of a suicide victim. The decision was made after Paul not only posted the suicide forest video that was deemed insensitive to mental health issues, but after he released videos that showed him tasering a rat and encouraging viewers to participate in the Tide Pod challenge which Wojcicki asserts is a “pretty strong statement in itself.”

YouTube has a three-strike rule that can get channels kicked off its platform; Wojcicki said that Paul's actions wouldn't have warranted that level of punishment. Speaking on Paul’s channel being removed from the platform, Wojcicki said, “He hasn’t done anything that would cause those three strikes. We can’t just be pulling people off our platform. They need to violate a policy. We need to have consistent [rules]. This is like a code of law.”

She further added that Paul had apologized for his poor judgment for posting the suicide video and also for tasing a dead rat and said that tasteless videos aren’t enough to get out the ban hammer, “What you think is tasteless is not necessarily what someone else would think is tasteless. We need to have consistent laws, so that in our policies, so we can apply it consistently to millions of videos, millions of creators.”

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