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3 Home Remedies for getting rid of Cough

Cough is one of the most painful disorder out there. Coughing is normal but prolonged coughing signifies about your bad health conditions and throat problems. Cough occurs due to cold, infections, allergies etc. You can cure a cough with medicines or antibiotics but if you want a home remedy and avoid all the external chemicals. These 3 foods can cure your cough without visiting a doctor.


1.Pineapple: What Really? Yes, you read that right. Pineapples contain a huge amount of Bromelain, which is proven to reduce cough, loosen mucus and throat inflammation. Bromelain enzyme is only found in pineapple fruit and stem. It’s also seen that heavy cough can be reduced drastically by eating pineapple. If you’re suffering from cough from a prolonged time start drinking pineapple juice three times a day for faster relief.


2.Honey: Honey has been recognized as one of the best remedies for cough, even better than some medicines. It’s been used to get rid of sore throat and cough. You can simply eat the honey with a spoon or if you wish, you can mix it with herbal tea/ warm water and add some lemon in it. You can even have it as a snack by applying honey to bread.


3.Probiotics:  Probiotics can help you get rid of cough by improving your overall immune system. It doesn’t directly get rid of a cough though. Probiotics are microorganisms, which balances the body’s internal composition by maintaining the essential bacteria in our stomach. Fortified milk is also a great source of Lactobacillus, which also get rids of cough and sore throat. You can get ready-made probiotics from your nearest store but there are different recommendations for a different manufacturer.  Make sure you read the instruction before consuming.

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