June    2020

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Fix That Face

By Prerna Mistry

Makeup. The make or break for every woman. Some days seem like such a breeze with us applying our makeup as if we were a makeup guru of sorts and some days feel like as if a toddler just drew across your face. Well then, here are a few hacks to help you during one of those days.

  • Broken Cases?

... Need not result into broken faces as there may have come a time in every woman’s life when a favourite bronzer or an expensive powder may have slipped from your hand only to fall on the floor to break into a million pieces. Fret not. Instead of throwing away the component, take the tip of a bobby pin and crush the powder into fine pieces, then take some rubbing alcohol and pour a little bit into the case and press it down using a tissue paper and let it dry and your powder will be as good as new!

  • So Shady

We all have been victims of wrong foundation shades with our faces and necks looking different as day and night. One of the best ways to avoid the mismatch mishap is to test the foundation colour is not on your wrist or by just looking at the colour through the bottle, but it is by testing the shade on your jaw line.

  • Eye Shadow Fallouts

Whether you use drugstore or high end eye shadow palettes, it is natural to have some fallout. However, it is a common makeup mishap that could even happen to professionals as well. The best way to avoid this is to do your eye makeup before you do your face or use translucent powder to catch the fallouts. However, if you have fallouts even then, just use a fan brush to sweep it away.

  • Lipstick on Teeth

Nothing is more embarrassing than rocking a bold lipstick only to have it imprinted itself on your teeth as well. The simplest solution for this is to take your clean index finger and put it in your mouth, close, and then pull it out. This will pick up any unwanted lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth.

  • Wing It Out

Winged liner is one of the most stressful things there is. Some days it’s just on point (no pun intended) and some days it’s just wonky and looks like a bumpy road. One way to avoid this is to use tape or card as a stencil to get a sharp edge to your liner. Even if you make a mistake, just use a little bit of concealer to fix the mess.

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