June    2020

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Have A Happy Journey

By Divya Mistry

With summer here, most of us would have planned trips to cool off and enjoy the holidays and weather. And most of love travelling and exploring new places and the foods and sights, but one of the challenges that most of us face is staying healthy and avoiding falling sick while on a vacation or even when travelling for work. This aspect can be tricky due to long journeys, jet lags, difference in weather, and eating out and eating a varied range of cuisine every day. But this can be avoided and you can enjoy your trip and make the most out of it by using a few clever hacks to avoid falling sick.

  • Eat healthier

While travelling, it goes without saying that every meal is going to be out. Every one of us loves exploring the local cuisine of the place and no vacation is complete without sampling at least the famous dishes of the place that you are in. But there is an option to cut eating out less. You could opt for home stays and rooms that have kitchens and try to make at least one meal a day to ensure that you don’t have a drastic shift in your diet that could lead to something like an upset tummy. Try swinging by a grocery store in the area to stock up on fruits, yogurts, cold meals and a few basic ingredients. This way you can ensure staying fit and enjoying the food as well.

  • Aid yourself

Even if you eat healthy and make yourself a meal once a day, there is still a chance of catching a virus or some cold due to weather changes, fatigue from travelling, etc. Keep some generic medicines and ointments with you as a prevention in case you feel yourself coming down with a cold or fever. Additionally keep some mosquito repellent spray or cream with you and ensure that you don’t leave the room without applying it.

  • Exercise

Today most people are health conscious and have a daily exercise regime. But one of the basic misconceptions when at another place is that you cannot follow your routine. Your exercise doesn’t have to suffer even if there is no gym around. You just have to be a little more creative or follow a different set of exercise. You can do breathing exercises, running and walking at any place. Even when travelling in a vehicle during a long journey, you can always halt the car at various intervals and step out to stretch and walk a bit to ensure that you don’t get cramps or a body ache later.

  • Stay hydrated

Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go. Make it an essential that you cannot leave without. No matter what the season, it is important to stay hydrated. Especially when you are going to go sightseeing and a lot of physical activity is involved, it helps keeping a water bottle with you to avoid dizziness and fatigue. With summer starting, you’ll need more liquids in your body. Apart from a water bottle, you can carry fresh lime soda or various fruit juices for a glucose rush if you feel tired and sweaty as this will rejuvenate you in no time and you can enjoy and carry on with your plans.

  • Munch on healthy snacks

A lot of people might have various diet restrictions and maintaining that diet is also a main concern for many of us. But this can be easily taken care of by stocking up and taking dry, healthy foods like granola bars, dry fruits, energy bars, low calorie cookies, etc. You can opt for healthier foods when eating out. A lot of places will customise the dish as per your dietary requirements if you ask them to. Additionally there are many places that also have options of making and customising every ingredient of your meal. Pre-planning and preparing thoroughly always helps and is foolproof to make your trip a happy and memorable one.

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