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She walks amongst us - unstoppable, invincible

She walks amongst us...Giving us hope, strength and that one look to say – been there, done that!

Hang in there – this too shall pass. You’re invincible, unstoppable today!....Sunitha Anand writes about the sheer perseverance and indomitable intelligence of women surrounding us

Mavshi, who makes sure we are fed; our house is clean and our children are cared for. Regardless of the abuse she faces at home from her drunk husband and son who is a crook.

Rajam miss, strict but loving, teaching us the intricacies of English in her impeccable style. Though left alone by her children who flew away to other countries, despite losing her husband of 45 years to terminal illness, she stands tall.

Sushila – who carries out the garbage and thanks us profusely when given used clothes. Smiling even after losing her only child in a senseless road accident, hit and left to die by the son of a politician.

The old lady, Sakhubaiwho sells fruits at the corner of the road – sending me on my way with a toothless smile. Ekes her living and takes care of a grandson whose parents died too early in the bomb blasts.

Vimala, the school bus driver who waves my car ahead of her bus, knowing we can each have right of way. She’s a mother of four girls, all getting educated in the nearby convent, despite her husband abandoning her for not giving birth to a boy.

Angelica – a smart, beautiful young woman who lives alone in my building. Is a journalist, but was raped brutally a few years back by her boyfriend and friends. She continues at her job, stays out late and works at finding her own slice of peace.

Priya, the sweet and talented homemaker who’s an amazing cook. She gets compliments for the food she caters to the nearby offices, but her husband finds fault in every morsel he eats.

Parvati, the trinket seller in the train. I wait to see her because she carries the choicest earrings for me and we share a little gossip in the ten minutes of our short journey. She carries her 8-month-old in a sling close to her heart and never lets on to the burns she is healing from when she was pregnant.

Janhavi, the 28-year-old who miscarried and then went on to find she had breast cancer. She fought through it all – took her two years, but she has hope now.

Veronica aunty, though must be close to 80 can put any young girl to shame with the grace she carries herself. Always well dressed, she can drill manners into even the most uncouth young lad.

Shruti, dean of a college, mother of three, lost her husband in her thirties. Bringing up the children single handed, teaching them to be self-sufficient, walking the spiritual path and inspiring others who look up to her.

18-year-oldSaundarya, who dreams of being successful, self-sufficient and well educated, finding a man who values her for who she is and if not, then his loss!

My gang of gals who take one look at me and know if something’s wrong. Easier to share without judgement coming my way, knowing I can call on any one of them at any time of the day or night.

She walks amongst us

Giving us hope, strength and that one look to say – been there, done that!

Hang in there – this too shall pass.

You’re invincible, unstoppable today!

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2 year(s) ago

Mam, very well written ???? Hats off to your writting & observation skills !!The column is truely inspiring and motivating. Reply

Lakshmanan Subramanian

2 year(s) ago

Very well written.. and hats off to their invincibility Reply

Swathika shetty

2 year(s) ago

As i know sunitha.. Shes a beautiful and strong woman herself. I already knew Shes extra ordinary.... But after reading this, she proved Shes an artist. Amazing collection words. This shows how you see life Reply

Koushik Roy

2 year(s) ago

So many stories...so many dreams...keep the hope alive...keep inspiring to dream the impossible. She does walk amongst us...keep sharing Sunitha Reply

Geeta Srininvasan

2 year(s) ago

Superb, very well written, keep it up!!! Reply

sadik pathan

2 year(s) ago

Super ..... you are amazing to put reality in your write-up.???????????? Reply

rukmini mardhanan

2 year(s) ago

wonderfully narrated. impeccable language. Salute to you and the women who inspired you. God bless Reply