Netflix queues up 68 films for 2022 including Ryan Gosling Dhanush starrer The Gray Man

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Los Angeles, Feb 3

Netflix has announced plans to debut no less than 68 movies in 2022, including 'The Gray Man', the Russo Brothers action thriller starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Dhanush.

With this announcement, made in a new sizzle reel released on Thursday, Netflix makes good on its promise to launch at least one film per week over the next 12 months, reports 'Variety'.

Netflix's genre-spanning slate, notes 'Variety', includes musicals, action spectacles, romantic comedies and spooky thrillers. The honour roll of stars includes, apart from Reynolds and Evans, A-listers such as Daniel Craig, Halle Berry, Judd Apatow, Jamie Foxx, Greta Gerwig, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Lopez, Jordan Peele and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The sizzle reel showcased first looks at Jason Momoa as half-man/half-beast in 'Slumberland', Guillermo del Toro's stop-motion musical fantasy 'Pinocchio', a sleuthing Millie Bobby Brown in 'Enola Holmes 2', Daniel Craig in 'Knives Out 2', Lindsey Lohan's grand return in 'Falling for Christmas', and an Adam Sandler double-feature in 'Hustle' and 'Spaceman'.

The three-minute teaser also features several major stars staring down the camera to talk about the magic of watching movies at home.

"In here is the great big world," says Chris Hemsworth. "We can go places your dreams can't dream of," Momoa offers. "Or see things that give your nightmares nightmares," Foxx posits. "In here," Berry promises, "you can make an incredible discovery." And Charlize Theron concludes: "Every night is movie night."


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