Chennai cop turns teacher during a surprise visit to school

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Chennai, Feb 11

 The students and teachers of Sankarapuram Government Boys Higher secondary school were in for a surprise on Thursday, when the Kallakuriichi District Superintendent of Police, S. Selvakumar walked into a classroom and donned the hat of a teacher.

The SP was on a visit to the school to check on the security aspects and the vulnerable booths in the district for the Urban local body polls to be held on February 19.

The students and teachers of the school were caught unawares when the Superintendent of Police entered a classroom and started teaching students.

According to the teachers, Selvakumar taught about the human eye and explained to the students in detail about the role of iris in regulating the amount of light that enters the eye. Students listened in rapt attention to the police officer, who is also a graduate in Engineering from Tamil Nadu Agriculture University.

The police officer told the students that they should learn a subject out of interest and enthusiasm and not out of compulsion. He also gave certain tips to the students to excel in studies.

Later the SP gave a lesson in geography to the students of Class 7 of the Government Girls Higher Secondary School.

Selvakumar  said, "The offline classes in schools of Tamil Nadu have resumed after a long gap and my visit was to motivate the students and to make learning more effective. There has been a dynamic change in the school syllabus when compared to the past. I asked the students to study based on the concepts and enjoy the learning process rather than learning by rote.


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