8th International Young Chef Olympiad Kick starts virtually

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New Delhi, Feb 2

 The 8th edition of the International Young Chef Olympiad organized by the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), in partnership with the International Hospitality Council (IHC) London kick-started virtually.

Student chefs from more than 40 countries, including Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Scotland, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, UAE and Sweden, among others. 176 Cameras placed in over 40 Countries across 24 Time Zones connecting over 143 Chef Judges from all over the World across the next 7 days to one feed, recording every move makes YCO one of the most complex systems of web crafted management for this incredible competition.

YCO 2022 has adopted the theme of Global Goals to encourage the culinary world to work together for a greater cause of environmental protection with a positive call to action towards sustainability. The theme lays impetus on the adoption of 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Suborno Bose said: "After hosting and executing first-ever virtual YCO in 2021, even the ongoing pandemic could not stagger the spirit of Young Chef Olympiad. We thought we couldn't do it but the enthusiasm of all the participant countries encouraged us to host the 8th edition of the event. This year we are celebrating sustainability and global goals by emphasizing the 17 Sustainability Development Goals of the UN which has inspired global culinary research. In 2022, we have an even more diverse representation and we are highly delighted to see the young talent. We celebrate the culinary talents but also we celebrate the positivity of the young people around the world because the vision of the YCO was always to bring the young people to establish friendship, solidarity and brotherhood."

The Principal Judge of the competition, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, "As the principal judge of YCO 2022, I welcome all participating countries to the world's biggest virtual culinary Olympiad for the young chefs. Last year we saw a newer version of YCO, but this year the 8th edition of YCO has raised the benchmark altogether with around 176 cameras across more than 40 countries. The world of hospitality is changing and soon the contributions of hospitality will be globally acknowledged through our young chefs."

Following the Opening Ceremony, a 5-day-long culinary battle is streaming online. The top 10 contestants as per the scores of the previous round will compete in the Grand Finale of YCO 2022 on 3rd and 4th February split into 2 groups of 5 countries in each group, in different time zones to accommodate all. The Plate Trophy will also be held on the 3rd and 4th February wherein the contestants holding positions 11 to 20 in the first round will compete.

The Olympiad will conclude on 5th February with a Closing Ceremony, where the YCO 2022 Champion, runners-up and other awardees will be announced. This year, the participants will be competing for awards such as 'Plate Trophy', 'Best Knife Skills', 'Best Vegetarian Dish', 'Best Creme Caramel', 'Best Hygiene and Kitchen Practice', '6 Ambassador's Awards' '6 Mentor Awards', 'Best Use of Kitchen Cut Management Award' and 'Spirit of Young Chef Olympiad International Award', 'International Diamond Research Award'.


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