Father in law saves life of ailing daughter in law by donating kidney

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Aurangabad, Feb 12

 A 25-year-old woman, diagnosed with kidney ailment, from Jalna district in Maharashtra's Aurangabad has received a new lease of life after her father-in-law donated one of his kidneys with the help of doctors at Medicover Hospitals.

The woman was diagnosed with kidney failure 6 months back. Her urine output had stopped leading to swelling all over the body and repeated episodes of hemoptysis (blood in sputum).

"On many counts, kidney transplantation in this patient was indeed challenging," Neha Jain, Center Head, said in a statement.

She required dialysis treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU). For her condition, Sachin Soni, a Kidney specialist had advised a kidney transplantation surgery which was getting postponed due to the unavailability of a donor.

In this situation, the father-in-law of the lady decided to become a kidney donor for his daughter-in-law. The challenges were not less as his blood group (B+) was not compatible with that of the patient (O+).

In absence of any other donor, the kidney transplant team at the Hospital took up the challenge of performing ABO incompatible kidney transplant in December 2021.

Another hurdle came in the form of Covid-19 infection of the patient and the surgery was finally performed on February 2, 2022.

However, the doctors said that now the donor and the recipient are in healthy condition with normal kidney functions.


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