Afghans want inclusive govt women s rights Karzai

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Kabul, Jan 31

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that the formation of an inclusive government and respecting the rights of women are the will of the citizens of the country, not only the international community.

The formation of an inclusive government and ensuring human rights and women's rights are the preconditions of the international community to consider recognition of the current Taliban government in Afghanistan.

In a special interview on Sunday, Karzai told TOLO News that he and Abdullah Abdullah, former chairman of the high council for national reconciliation, in a letter to the Taliban government called for political reconciliation process and meetings with the political leaders over holding a Loya Jirga (National Assembly) to pave the way for a clear destiny of the country.

The former President suggested that the Afghans must find a solution to the existing conditions of the country instead of waiting for foreigners' proposals.

"We offered a process of political and national engagement with some of the Afghan politicians a summit, in which the Afghan women are also present and eventually a national process for holding the Loya Jirga which is our national and historic tradition," he told TOLO News.

"If the world wants it or not? if the UN calls on the Afghans or not? If the UN calls on the caretaker government or not? This is first the will of the Afghans to have an inclusive and national government which represents all and ensures the rights of women and their role in the society and girl's access to education. These are our fundamentals and they should be."

Karzai also criticised the process of distribution of aid to the people in the country.

"If the aid provided to Afghanistan by the international community is not distributed through the Afghan government departments, and the NGOs, UN and other foreigners are in direct contact with the people, then it is the start of the end of the government in Afghanistan," the former leader added.


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