Measles outbreak kills 74 children in Afghanistan

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Kabul, Feb 6

 At least 74 children died following an outbreak of measles in Afghanistan's northern province of Badakhshan, an official said Sunday.

"There had been pockets of measles cases across several Badakhshan districts, including Kuf Ab, Darwaz, Kohistan as well as provincial capital Faizabad city and its outskirts in the past two months. At least 74 children died after being infected with the disease in Kuf Ab and Kohistan districts," Maazudin Ahmadi, head of the provincial Information and Culture Directorate, told Xinhua news agency.

Most of the children who lost their lives were living in areas without the access of public health workers and local mobile vaccinators.

The provincial health officials have repeatedly called on the population to stay vigilant and to consult the nearest health centers in case of children's symptoms, including fever, generalized rash, conjunctivitis, cough and cold.

According to local officials, there had been a steady rise in measles cases in the Asian country, particularly in the mountainous northeastern region.


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