Speaker Om Birla to address Bihar Assembly on Feb 17

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New Delhi, Feb 15

 Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla will inaugurate an orientation programme for the members of Bihar Legislative Assembly and Bihar Legislative Council in Patna on February 17 on the occasion of the foundation day of Bihar Assembly.

Birla will also launch the Bihar Vidhan Sabha Digital TV and Bihar Vidhan Sabha Patrika.

The orientation programme will be organised by Parliamentary Research and Training Institute for Democracies (PRIDE), and Lok Sabha Secretariat, in coordination with the Bihar Legislative Assembly Secretariat for the members of both the state Assembly and Legislative Council.

A total of 318 members of Bihar Legislature will attend the programme at the Central Hall of Bihar Legislature.

The objective of the orientation programme is to familiarise the members with the working of the Legislature and to promote knowledge and appreciation of the Legislature's constitutional role, and its position as the supreme representative institution.

The Programme will also emphasise on acquainting the members with the operational mechanisms, parliamentary traditions, conventions, and etiquette.

The members will be sensitised on several subjects, including 'How to be an Effective Legislator'; 'Privileges of Legislatures and their Members'; 'Parliamentary Customs, Conventions and Etiquette'; 'Legislative Process'; 'Budgetary Process' etc.

The orientation programme for the members of Legislative Assembly was started in Arunachal Pradesh in 1981, which was inaugurated by then Lok Sabha Speaker Bal Ram Jakhar.

Since 1981, a total of 59 orientation courses have been conducted in which more than 4,000 members have participated. Out of the 59 courses, 32 have been conducted in the national capital, and the rest were sprawled across state capitals.


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