Wearing hijab will protect Muslim women from getting raped K taka Congress MLA

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Dharwad, Feb 14

Karnataka Congress MLA B.Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan stirred a controversy here on Sunday by stating that incidents of rape are on high in India and wearing hijab will protect Muslim women from getting raped in the country.

Defending his statement, MLA Khan has stated that he only gave his point of view and he doesn't know what others think on the issue. "The beauty of women is not supposed to be exposed. No one should set their eyes upon them. Muslim women have been wearing hijab since long back," he maintained.

"Few people among us do not wear hijab. It is not mandatory to wear hijab, however I have asked our women to wear hijab for their safety. Please come to debate with me after getting the statistics of rape in the country," he added.

He maintained that according to Islam "everyone should perform namaz for five times" but many do not perform. "If women wear hijab, the incidents of rape would come down," he said.

Earlier in the evening, the Congress MLA in Hubballi has stated, "Hijab means purda in Islam and if women don't wear hijab there are chances of them getting raped. Why there is an increase in rape cases in the country? It is because women are not behind purda (hijab). Women should wear hijab to conceal their beauty.".

"Wearing hijab is right of Muslim women. They have been wearing hijab for hundreds of years. The government took the issue very lightly when it began."

Further students as the assets of the nation, the Congress MLA said, "Ruling BJP is using students for political gains and they are ready to sacrifice anybody to attain power."


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