You are govt for all citizens not for few billionaires DMK MP

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New Delhi, Feb 9

 DMK MP A. Mohamed Abdulla on Wednesday said in the Rajya Sabha that the government is for all citizens not for a few billionaires and the Union Budget is far away from the ground reality. Continuing his speech from Tuesday on the general discussion on the Union Budget 2022-23, Abdullah said that by enforcing 30 per cent tax on crypto currency without any Act, has never been heard of. "Does an illegal activity become legal if one pays tax?" he asked.

He also said that this was an opportunity for the government to make the economic conditions better but the government missed the opportunity while presenting the budget.

Referring to the tax compositions, Abdullah said, "Is a diamond more important to a girl or a sanitary napkin?" condemning the taxation on the girls essentials at 12 per cent. Noting that the budget was not focussed on unemployment and agricultural crisis, the DMK lawmaker, quoting Oxfam report, said that the number of Indian billionaires grew from 102 to 142. He also said the poor and middle class have been hit and demanded that the government tax corporate establishments suitably.

"History will judge you by your actions," he concluded.

Participating in the discussion, BJD lawmaker Dr Amar Patnaik said that the budget elaborated about eight paragraphs on climate action and climate change and also commended the Finance Minister for the same. He also said that it was important to devote a part of the budget to combat climate change.

Quoting the 15th Finance Commission report, he further said it was the poor who have been disproportionately affected and noted that investment in the primary health sector needs a definitive push as this sector has been getting less allocations which are continuously decreasing year by year. This should be given priority as we have witnessed the need for better health infrastructure.

Patnaik also demanded to implement the recommendation of the Swaminathan Committee as the rural economy is under huge stress especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

TRS MP K.R. Suresh Reddy said that the Finance Minister's 90 minute speech has left 90 crore Indians out of the Budget. Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks in the House on Tuesday regarding bifurcation of erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh, he said, "Not even the PM can question the authority of the House, the bill was passed by this House, if the bifurcation of Telengana pains you so much, how many amendments did you bring to correct the mistake? How many meetings did you convene?"

Censuring the government for their procurement policy, Reddy also said that with the talk of private players in agriculture in the budget speech, this could be an attempt to bring back the three farm laws via back door.

"We are scared the three farm laws might make a back door entry and the government should assure that MSP will continue to remain," he added.


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