HSNC University First Year Applications for the year 2024 record a sharp increase

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HSNC University,Mumbai


Prof (Dr) Hemlata K Bagla, the Vice-Chancellor of the HSNC University, Mumbai, stated that the new University which was launched only in the year 2020, was delighted to announce a remarkable surge in the number of applicants for the 2024 academic year.

Prof Bagla said, ” As of June, we have received 1.5 times more applications than last year, and we anticipate even greater interest before the final application deadlines in September or October”.

She went on to reveal that both the constituent colleges of HSNC University, H.R. College and K.C. College, have reported exceptionally high cut-off marks, underscoring the growing competition among aspiring students. H.R. College has proudly retained its numero-uro position in receiving B.Com applications, while K.C. College has seen a 1 percent increase in its cut-off marks.

The programmes of BBI, BAF, and BFM, as well as BMS and BCom Management Studies, have evinced a greater interest amongst students.

The VC stated that STEM programs, too, are witnessing a significant rise in interest due to the prevalence of specialized programmes, including Medical Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

Cloud Computing programmes also continue to attract numerous applicants in the IT stream. Additionally, courses in Computer Science, such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Chemistry, particularly Industrial and Applied Chemistry, have seen a notable increase in applications.

K.C. College under HSNC University saw an upsurge in applicants for humanities and social sciences, especially Psychology and the Economics-Sociology subgroup, as compared to last year, resulting in an increase in the cut-off marks. Psychology paired with English and Political Science remains a popular choice, and the growing interest in Economics-Sociology is a testament to the evolving academic interests of students. There is also a greater interest seen in the programme of Film, Television, and New Media Production, highlighting the dynamic nature and expanding opportunities in these fields.

Prof Bagla said that students today are deeply interested in pursuing law, and there is a strong preference for integrated law programs like BBA LLB and BA LLB being offered under the D.M Harish School of Law (DMHSL). Interestingly, this trend has not affected the applications in the Arts stream. BBA and BMS remain the most sought-after courses despite the confusion of entrance tests in these programmes this year, and both show steadfast popularity.

The Niranjan Hiranandani School of Management in Real Estate ( NHSMRE) has already caught the interest of aspirants with its MBA programme in Real Estate, a need of the hour, in today’s booming real estate market.

A consistent increase in the cut-off marks for Data Science and Business Analytics programmes, has been observed, rising from 70 percent in 2022-2023 to 80 percent in 2023-2024, and now to 90 percent for the current year.

The Vice-Chancellor added that the HSNC University prioritizes inclusivity and support for various student groups. Scholarships are available for NCC students in armed courses and the Air Force, international and national sports  champions, and national cultural artists. Children of single parents, physically handicapped students, transgender students, and students committed to community service, are also eligible for substantial scholarships.

Prof Bagla added that HSNC University has further enhanced its academic offerings with new innovative programs, leading to increased interest. The new Postgraduate Diploma in Drone Technology and undergraduate programs such as B.A. in Music Production and B.Sc. in Sound Engineering are attracting significant attention, given the promising job opportunities in these emerging fields.

Prof Bagla concluded, ” We remain committed to fostering an environment where students can thrive, innovate, and achieve their aspirations.

We are looking  forward to welcoming a new cohort of bright and motivated students who will continue to elevate the standards of excellence at HSNC University”.


Dr Hemlata K Bagla

Vice Chancellor

HSNC University , Mumbai



HSNC University,Mumbai Witnesses a Surge in Applicants for the 2024 Academic Year

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