Under fire for praising China CPI M leader does the same and blames media

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Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 15

 Already under fire from both the Congress and the BJP for his statements praising China, CPI-M politburo member S. Ramachandra Piillai, on Tuesday again did the same and then blamed media for it.

Pillai on a few occasions last month while addressing his party cadre as part of the district party meetings, praised China and on Tuesday while speaking at the Alappuzha district CPI-M committee meeting, said the growth of China is the victory of socialism and it's one country where there is no poverty.

"China is one country which lends money to other countries and when I speak facts the media kicks up a row," said Pillai.

Last month, Pillai said at the Kottayam district CPI-M party meeting, that China has grown to the stature of questioning American imperialism and went on to add that they have become powerful and is facing a global attack, directed to target their achievements.

Soon after that, Leader of Opposition V.D. Satheesan asked the CPI-M to spell out its policy on China and wanted to know if the CPI-M here is controlled and guided by the Chinese Communist party.

Satheesan went on to say that China for long has been trying to create trouble in India and it's strange and surprising that the CPI-M is speaking of the policies of China.

BJP ally in Kerala, the Democratic Party has demanded that appropriate action should be taken against the CPI-M in Kerala for glorifying China at its ongoing party meetings and asked the Centre to take steps to initiate a probe on this.


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