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The Divine Teaching By Poojaneeya Sri Madhava Chaitanya Ji

In the scenic Himalayan mountains live three friends tending dairy cows and sheep and doing horticulture for their sustenance.

They used to serve priests and their interactions with them sparked a desire to gain knowledge on otherworldly wisdom.

They were elated to know that in days of yore numerous otherworldly Rishis used to stay in the mountains especially at the tall pinnacle. The priests also revealed to the youth that right at the top there was an exceptional cave and when someone entered it they could stay alive without any heartbeat.

Priests also informed them that at the tallest top there was an unadulterated smooth cascade and one who drinks that wonderful water will gain outright satisfaction. Other priests revealed to them that the highest point of the pinnacle had a view point and when somebody arrives at that view point then they can understand the entire universe for what it’s worth.

The youths were highly enthralled on hearing these stories and began dreaming about exploring the pinnacle. Their interests became deeper the longer they took part in discussions and made their minds to climb the hill top to explore more.

For several years in history no one had successfully climbed the mountain top and no one knew the journey to the peak, how hazardous the journey was, and so on. Even the priests couldn’t give a clear picture and yet the youths decided to move ahead with their plan.

One rainy day they were with their cow in the valley. To escape from the rain they ran into a cave. They saw a monk meditating in the cave. They were scared to disturb the monk but their desire urged them to try and they went to the monk and bowed to him and saying “Pranam Guru”.

The monk opened his eyes and blessed them. The friends served the monk with love and respect. They succeeded in drawing attention to them, and then the monk suddenly asked them: “What is your desire? I’ll fulfil that.” They became very happy and expressed their wish to the monk.

The monk meditated for a while and told them that it will take 32 days of continuous walk to reach that peak and daily they have to walk 15 hours. He also told them to take one more person with them who knew mountain climbing, and could serve them. Saying this the monk blessed them and gave some dry plant which they could eat along with some water to gain energy when they get tired during the journey, and the friends returned to their village.

They began searching for a fourth person who could accompany them in the journey, it wasn’t easy as none of the people in the village will put their life in trouble.

When they realized it wasn’t possible to get a person from their own village they went to the neighbouring village, where they got a half-crazy but healthy man. Once he heard their idea he started to sing and dance and without any objection he agreed to be with them to climb the peak. They fixed a date with him and returned to their village and started preparations.

On an auspicious day they started their journey to the mountain peak. It was extremely hard and dangerous. Many times they felt that they should return to the village and live their peaceful life. They were afraid to die in the mountains but through the monk's blessings and with the fourth man's unstoppable energy and entertainment they overcame all the difficulties. Strictly they followed the wise monk's instructions and continued climbing.

After 31 days of continuous climbing they got very close to the peak. Suddenly the impulses of their personal desires increased and unity was broken. They began to think of their personal aims to achieve once they reach the peak.

On the 32nd day they almost touched the peak. They saw sunshine reflecting on the cloud and millions of colours in the blue sky. Suddenly each of them got confused, they started to doubt that soon they were reaching the destination. Also they thought once they reach maybe the information they got from different monks was wrong, and they could not find their aim, or even if they find the aim the result would not match with their dreams.

The real fear of each was that I wouldn’t reach my destination and if others reach there, then it will be a disaster. They were highly emotional once reached very close to the top of the peak. The fourth person however was very much relaxed, he didn't have any aim for himself, he just was serving them, singing and dancing for them, and he wanted to return as soon as possible to his village.

In the evening, at the closing time of the day which means sandhya, they put their final foot on the top of the peak. Daylight was ending and moonlight was beginning. They made fire and with cressets in the hands even before taking rest in that fire light and began to search for their own destinations.

They separated suddenly, and each one was very surprised to discover that what they heard from the monks was exactly similar to what they were finding at the peak. They got happy and confident, they left the fourth one and went to their own destiny.

Without any difficulty they found their destinations. Milky water flows were there. The first person’s heart pulse became calm. With full of devotion he touched the water and his whole body got electrified. He carried a special copper vessel with him, so he took it out and filled the vessel full with water. Without any doubts, with full trust he drank that water from the vessel.

Suddenly his past, present and future related thoughts disappeared, and unlimited flow of bliss entered his mind so that he became immovable, even he forgot to breathe.

The third person went to search for the viewpoint. With the help of the fire which he carried in his hand he also found the way easily and reached the bottom of the viewpoint. It looked like a triangular shape building, with a very narrow way to climb to the top.

Only one human body could enter it was that narrow, impossible to turn around or return in that path. It seemed extremely difficult for him to climb, but his deep desire did not allow him to return. He was standing and looking at the sky. Suddenly he noticed thousands of stars in the sky, and he felt that all that stars were blessing him, as if he received a message “come as soon”!

Fears disappeared, he remembered all the monks he met in his life, and he prayed to them for his safe reach. He prayed to the thousands of the stars, to full moon, and to the sun which was hiding. In his prayers, he prayed to his father and mother, he prayed to the fire which he was holding in his hand and very carefully started to climb through the narrow way to the top of that viewpoint. He didn't make any hurry, slowly he reached the top of the view point.

He felt he was in the sky, just 12 steps away from the viewpoint all his life memories awakened, he saw everything in a flashback. At the end of that he came back to present life.

His foot touched the last step and his form disappeared, his sound disappeared, he became the universal sound, the sound which was before creation.

His consciousness rounded with billions of quantum, purest light without any shadow, purest sound without any variation. He realized the point as the place where the sound and self-illumination existed, he realized the wholeness of the universe.

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