August    2020

Mumbai Sankara Mattham performs Bhagavathi seva

Mumbai: As part of the Aadi month, which is considered as sacred month for Hindus , most of the Kerala temples and Brahmin houses, all over the country will be performing a special Devi Puja named Bhagavathi seva. Bhagavati is Goddess Shakthi, who combines in herself, supreme power and motherly compassion. It is Goddess Bhagavathi or Rajarajeswari, who is invoked in Bhagavathi Seva. Sri Sankara  Mattham at Matunga in Mumbai performed this puja  on Friday July 31. At some temples, it is performed  all days of the Aadi month.

It is done in the evening preferably on a Friday of the month . Devi Bagavathi is invoked (Avahanam) in a Big brass lamp. Puja consists of recital of Lalitha Sahasranama or Durga Sahasranama. There will be three lamps , a large lamp kept on a hand-drawn diagram of a colorful lotus, which is the symbol of the Universe and  two smaller lamps  on either side. The lamps look beautiful at the end of the puja with all the flowers heaped around it. Arali is the preferred flower for the  ceremony. \


Bhagavati Seva pooja is an ancient Vedic ceremony performed in temples and intended to restore balance in the environment and bring peace within us and in the world. The Seva has the power to dispel all negative thoughts and attract positive vibrations that are essential for success.

The eleventh chapter of the Devi Mahatmyam is recited by another priest  along with the puja. The priest and all those present do Namaskaram at the end of each verse ending with Narayani Namoasthudhe. It is also called Namaskara Japam. Prasadam in the form of Vada and Ghee payasam ( rice, jaggery and Ghee) is  distributed for all those  present.

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