iOS 15 4 may finally bring 120Hz animations to all apps

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San Francisco, Jan 31

Apple iPhone 13 Pro as well as Pro Max comes with 120Hz ProMotion displays, but only a handful of apps support 120 frames per second, but now a new report has claimed that the iOS 15.4 beta offers support for 120 Hz in all applications.

It looks like Apple was able to squash the Core Animation bug that would not allow animations to go beyond 60 fps, reports GSMArena.

It is impossible to confirm, right now, if all apps will run at 120 frames per second automatically.

In addition, the iOS 15.4 beta added a new feature designed to allow Face ID to be used with a mask and without an Apple Watch for authentication.

The tech giant said that the feature can "recognise the unique features around the eye" for authentication purposes.

If you opt to use this feature during setup, you will need to rescan your face for Face ID. From there, Face ID will be able to unlock your iPhone even when you're wearing a mask.


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