Media Eye is a Mumbai-based multi-faceted consultancy [ consolidated with Sreekrishna Events and Anwita Events ) specialising in strategic business development initiatives, specifically focusing on enhancing brand value and increasing revenue streams of corporate clients. The founders have an acclaimed track record of managing guest relations from corporate and coordinating with cumbersome government departments to seamlessly organise high-profile events such as the Filmfare Awards, Femina Miss India, and the Economic Times Awards.

About Us:

The Media Eye Group,, is promoted by professionals with more than three decades of hands-on experience in liaising with policymakers, government, celebrities, municipal, state, and national leaders – private companies along with the association of reputed firms in Mumbai and who have already got wide experience in the same field to facilitate the smooth functioning of programs and plans of companies.

Our efforts have contributed significantly to business development, marketing, enhancement of corporate profiles and brands and helped clients hit pay dirt. Out-of-the-box innovative ideas, particularly in real estate, event management, advertorial services and canvassing advertisements from government and private agencies, are some of the successful themes.

We are adept at identifying events and planning their sponsorship, giving companies vast opportunities to market their brand, reach new customers and improve their public perception. Our specialists in taxation, especially refund, recovery, and resolution of disputed matters, along with reputed Tax consultancies in Mumbai, have provided massive relief to companies.

The main promoter, Sasi Nair, worked at the Times of India Group in Mumbai for 32 years, primarily leading liaison with authorities and private companies.

These connections played a stellar role in the smooth functioning of the companies, notably in finding amicable resolutions to vexed issues—Media Eye’s expertise in bringing revenue from private companies and agencies. Media Eye has been a consultant for the companies in the Group, such as Times Private Treaties, Worldwide Media and 360, and Times Innovative Media Ltd. Leela Group of hotels, Sobha developers etc.

Dedicated Team:

Media Eye works with highly talented writers with decades of experience in media and large companies. Their close interactions with people who matter – corporate honchos, lawmakers, banking heads, government officials, celebrities, and think tanks – bring deep knowledge and insights.

Having an ear to the ground and a ringside seat to major events, besides easy access to power centres, ensures our accomplished team is often the first to smell the future trends. Their expertise allows them to quickly analyse the pros and cons of policy changes before they happen – giving clients a vital lead over others.

Innovative thinking, staying up to date with rapidly changing technologies, sensing business opportunities and offering ideas are some characteristics that have stood us in good stead. Our expertise in strategic communications, public relations, liaising, digital marketing and utilising social media platforms have brought business opportunities to clients. We are equipped to handle all types of content, including conducting exclusive interviews with top officials and policymakers, boosting company profile and exposure.

One of our strengths is identifying local and international events – sports, film-related, business conferences, exhibitions – and gaining sponsorship rights. Experience proves that participation in such activities greatly boosted the brand value of companies, enhanced their standing among their peers and opened the door to greater opportunities.

Media Eye is closely associated with Sequence Communication Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai-based advertising and event management firm with an annual turnover of Rs.14 crore, which has agreed to support us in bidding for any project.