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The present painting exhibition, Trillium, being held at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery, features works by Ramesh K Kannan, Murali Nagapuzha and Mahesh Maroli, promising to enchant viewers with a symphony of colours and emotions. The exhibition wraps up on the 22nd of January.

Trillium combines three visual styles, artistic perspectives, and creative brains from Kerala’s rich, sun-kissed coastlines.

Each masterpiece is a brilliant brushstroke in this charmed world of invention, and every artist is a maestro who transforms fantasies into reality.

Ramesh K. Kannan’s output combines the mystical classicism of the Theyyam heritage with discoveries in contemporary art. Murali Nagapuzha’s canvases initially capture the viewer’s attention with vibrancy but soon give way to reflection, melancholy and desire. Mahesh Maroli creates a creative mix between surrealism and refinement, using a distinct visual style to portray timeless topics in a modern context.

These visionary artists’ unparalleled mastery of brush and palette as they reveal their most recent works is admirable. Each canvas demonstrates their tremendous artistic ability, capturing the essence of various perspectives and feelings. ‘Trillium’ provides thrills and an intriguing voyage, with each masterpiece as a portal to supreme creation. The exhibition defies creative conventions, uplifting itself as a rendezvous with the sublime.

Ramesh K. Kannan

Ramesh was born in 1948 in Kannur, Kerala, and in 1968, after obtaining a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, he received Fine Art training from the Kerala School of Arts in Thalassery.

He founded an ad agency called “Shilpi Arts” in Kannur and produced and exhibited ads for major businesses in print and display media throughout Kerala.

In 1980, he opened a professional photography studio named “Shilpi” in Kannur. He has been involved in artistic photography for the past 40 years, having worked as a still photographer in several films and television series. The Shilpi Academy of Photography has trained aspiring photographers for almost four decades. His paintings and photographs are part of private collections in India and overseas. It has conducted solo and ensemble shows around India.

Murali Nagapuzha

Murali, born and raised in Kerala, creates visual icons that are both local and global. Murali’s paintings, set in his native Kerala, transport into his personal and emotional worlds.

Working tirelessly for the past three decades, Murali’s work appears quiet, placid and serene on the surface. However, resisting the fire and passion emanating from his brush is difficult.

Murali’s work, the medium’s immediacy, the lushness of colour, and the sensuality of expression make him a singular voice in contemporary Indian art.

Mahesh Maroli

Mahesh Maroli demonstrates a deeply ingrained artistic mindset while remaining at ease in the new world of AI and digital. A successful entrepreneur and sophisticated artist, he has created numerous memorable, valuable and relevant companies while simultaneously unleashing a spellbinding portfolio of paintings, photography, short films, and digital creatives. He also founded Indulekha, a beauty and personal care brand acquired by Unilever for ₹300 crore.

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