Director Badri Venkatesh plays lead in his own film

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Chennai, Jan 12

 Director Badri Venkatesh, who is known for having made films like 'Baana Kaathadi', 'Semma Botha Aagathey' and 'Plan Panni Pannanum', on Wednesday released the teaser of his next film, in which he himself plays the lead.

The director chose to make the announcement on Twitter.

He said, "Souls seldom die nor lie! Announcing Director Badri Venkatesh's next with a teaser shot before the actual shoot! Badri Venkatesh directs and acts in this psychological horror along with a plethora of actors. Music is by Simon K King."

The teaser gives the impression that the film will be about a paranormal psychological experiment deeply rooted in Indian ethos.

The film has Badri Venkatesh playing the lead as a film director with a number of popular film actors.

Interestingly, Badri himself is producing this film as well.


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