Electric Vehicles May Pollute More, States Study

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Even though many people believe electric vehicles (EVs) are environmentally superior due to their decreased greenhouse gas emissions, a recent study found that they may emit substantially more particulate matter from their brakes and tyres than modern gas-powered automobiles with excellent exhaust filters. This is primarily owing to the heavier batteries compared to petrol engines.

Emission Analytics’ study, highlighted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, focuses on particle pollution caused by brakes and tyres in EVs and regular fossil fuel vehicles.

According to the Emission Analytics analysis, EVs’ higher weight causes tyres to deteriorate faster and emit toxic chemicals into the air. Most tyres are constructed of synthetic rubber generated from crude oil. The study suggests that this rise might be as large as 1,850 times.

The report cites the Tesla Model Y and the Ford F-150 Lightning, both of which have batteries weighing roughly 1,800 pounds. According to the study, tyre wear emissions from an EV with such a large battery might be 400 times higher than those from a typical gas automobile.


Source: ESG Times

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