Gastronomy Single Malts and Indian Food

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New Delhi, Jan 23

 People frequently inquire as to what would go well with their whisky. Most individuals want to explore food pairings but are unsure how to do so. Allow me to assist you, but first, let's go over a few fundamentals, followed by some simple meal pairings.

When you drink your single malt with food, you get a whole new world of aromas and flavours. The idea is to establish a match in which the meal brings out something new in the whisky, or the whisky brings out something new in the cuisine. In other words, the goal is to establish a gastronomic synergy that allows the drink to be appreciated and savoured.

Don't be overwhelmed by the vast array of food options available to pair with your single malt; simply trust your taste buds! A dram goes well with almost every meal. Experiment a little to see what works best for you.

So here are a few Indian food pairings that go extremely well with the water of life aka whisky:

Diverse culinary culture of the South

Have you ever had a single malt whisky with strong Andhra flavours? You're missing out if you haven't done so already. Gongura leaves and red chilies, which are common in Andhra and Telangana cuisines, pair beautifully with the fruity flavours in your whisky. Pick from a wide range of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Exotic flavours of Kashmir

Kashmiri cuisine's exceptional gastronomical journey is deserving of recognition. The traditional Kashmiri Wazwan, which consists of slow-cooked meat dishes, is another excellent combination that complements the whisky's spicy characteristics. Spices and condiments only serve to enhance your drinking experience.

The South-East Asian bandwagon

When it comes to world food, the acidic flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine pair perfectly with the malty undertones found in a single malt. South East Asian cuisine's fragrant component imparts a lot of flavour to your whisky.

The secret ingredient

Elixirs made with quality ingredients are yet another option to play around with single malt flavours and nuances. Each whisky type, for example, interacts well with different components that enhance the scent and taste of the single malt serve, giving you a wide range of flavours to experiment with.

The guidelines are simple: match lighter flavours with a mild dram, and fuller flavours with a hotter whisky. So grab a glass of whisky and match it with your favourite cuisine to enjoy every sip with enhanced flavours!

(Angad Singh Gandhi is Glenfiddich India brand ambassador)



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