Sipping through summer on premium iced teas

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New Delhi, April 13

Berry Blush, Floral Rush and Citrus Crush… you can just taste summer as the names of Jade Forest's newly launched iced teas roll of the tip of your tongue. This premium non-alcoholic beverage brand has created unique and refreshing drinks in fast-growing categories, and has just released their brand new summer 2022 range.

The Premium Iced Tea line comes in three exciting new flavours. These iced teas, created in collaboration with leading flavour specialists in Denmark, are high in antioxidants and real fruit juice. Jade Forest is poised to disrupt the segment in unprecedented fashion.

These iced teas are perfect for the upcoming summer months because they are naturally low in calories and sugar and use black tea, green tea, and infused hibiscus tea to pack on flavour in a big way. The flavours in this new line are as follows:

Berry Blush: The Berry Blush Premium Iced Tea, infused with antioxidant power, is a beautiful melancholy of green tea, six different berries and fruits, and a pinch of herbs. Make each sip of this expertly crafted tea a celebration of various flavours and aromas. It's more than just a drink with its fresh and fragrant ingredients; it's an experience.

Floral Rush: Floral Rush Premium Iced Tea combines the natural sweetness of hibiscus with the tart crispness of raspberry and other botanicals, all infused with antioxidant power. This creatively crafted iced tea is rejuvenating and a little bit indulgent, igniting a flavorful experience with each sip.

Citrus Crush: Citrus Crush Premium Iced Tea by Jade Forest is a bold and energising twist on an all-time classic, infused with the power of antioxidants. Lime, lemongrass, and mint blend seamlessly with black tea to create a flavorful iced tea.


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