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New Delhi, April 7

As World Health Day approaches, it is the perfect time to get into action and set your health goals right.

In a nine-episode podcast available on Audible titled Rujuta's Soch, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar advises adopting some simple yet effective tips for each meal during the day.

Here's the scoop from the episode!.

 Don't skip your breakfast and definitely have a home-cooked fresh breakfast: It's not enough to eat the right dinner; you should also start your day with a home-cooked fresh breakfast that includes Idli, Poha, Dosa, and Eggs as part of your daily routine. Aside from that, you must include fresh fruit and nuts, which can be soaked almonds, walnuts, or simply bananas.

. Eat a hyper-local fruit as a mid-meal daily: Every day, include a hyper-local fruit as a mid-meal (between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner). A hyper-local fruit is one that does not have an English name, but rather one in your native language. It may be well-known in your region, but it is not necessarily well-known throughout the world. It differs from common or known local fruits such as bananas, guavas, jackfruits, grapes, and so on. To stay physically and mentally fit, eat fruits like 'ber' (jujube), maran, phalsa, 'shahtoot' (mulberry), karvanda, ranjana, jamun, bel, cashew fruits, dhurchuk, tadgola, nimboli, ramphal, and others that are high in nutrition, vitamins, prebiotics, and bioactive compounds.

. Don't starve yourself during lunch: Having a full-fledged Indian Thali is sufficient. Full-fledged means dal, roti, rice, green veggies, and a side dish, such as curd, pickle, or any sweet, if desired. As a result, make sure your lunch is nutritious and contains the necessary vitamins and minerals. This includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and a protein source.

. Take a short afternoon nap (10-30 mins): Rujuta emphasises the importance of taking a nap in the afternoon. She recommends taking at least a 20 to 30 minute nap in the afternoon, right after lunch. Begin taking an afternoon nap; it will help you sleep better at night. It will assist you in obtaining optimal levels of growth hormones and IGF (Insulin-like growth factor). It will also hasten your fat loss. She also mentions that those who have had heart surgery, those who suffer from thyroid PCOD, hormonal problems, diabetes, acidity, and digestive issues, or those who struggle with insomnia and have broken sleep should try to take an afternoon nap.

Wrap up with an early dinner: After all, eating a healthy and light dinner will help your body maintain its levels and functions. Rujuta says, "…never remove roti, rice, and ghee from your diet in order to have a perfect body," when discussing how people nowadays focus on skipping dinner. Rujuta also emphasises the importance of good sleep after dinner for a full recovery, saying, "Sleep and Recovery are equally important."


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