Are our genes linked with oral health

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New Delhi, March 14

 While bad lifestyle choices are usually blamed for the poor dental health, it turns out that genes may also have a role to play in the oral health.

Lack of a dental healthcare regime and improper eating habits are believed to be the leading cause of tooth decay.

A study led by the American Dental Association states that genetic factors are involved in a whopping 60 per cent of tooth decay cases. Oral health issues such as oral cancer, gum disease, misaligned teeth or genetic oral abnormalities can all be inherited.

Another recent study showed that poor oral hygiene produces gum-disease bacteria and accelerates oral microbiome ageing faster than previously thought.

The study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that within 24-72 hours of the interruption of oral hygiene, there was a steep decrease in the presence of 'good oral bacteria' and the beneficial anti-inflammatory chemicals they are associated with.

An increase of 'bad bacteria' typically present in the mouths of patients with periodontitis, a severe gum disease which can lead to tooth damage or loss, was also discovered.

At the same time, most oral health issues are preventable. Following a good dental health regime and avoiding certain foods can go a long way in ensuring perfect teeth and oral health.

"Oral disease such as gingivitis can be hereditarily transferred and needs extra attention if the family has a history. Although, regardless of our genetic makeup, oral problems like cavities are preventable," said Dr. Mohender Narula, Dental expert & Co-founder, MyDentalPlan Healthcare.

Besides brushing twice a day at least for two minutes, one should also maintain proper hydration – it is both for a healthy teeth and body.

"Visiting the dentist biannually is also a must. It helps in receiving targeted approaches towards oral wellness and can also recognise significant issues at a very initial stage," Narula said.


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