Tip for healthy bones

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Anupama Nair


It is very important to have a good health. Having healthy bones is very important for our good health, or else it will give us lot of pain after 30 years of age. Bones are literally the support system of the body, so it’s necessary to keep them strong and healthy. It is said “bones are continuously being broken down and rebuilt in tiny amounts”. Before the age of 30, bones typically reach ‘peak bone mass’ that varies from person to person, meaning the body is creating new bone faster, but after 30 years, the bone building balance naturally shifts and more bone is lost than gained.


A few people have a lot of savings in their bone bank due to factors including genetics, diet and how much bone they built up as teenagers. The natural depletion of bone doesn’t affect these lucky ones drastically. However, those with a smaller bone fortune i.e., when the body can’t create new bone as fast as the old bone is lost, osteoporosis is the result, causing bones to become weak and brittle and allowing them to fracture more easily. The disease is prevalent in postmenopausal women over the age of 65 and in men over the age of 70.


Fortunately, for us there are many nutrition and lifestyle habits that can help you build strong bones and maintain them as you age:


  • Eat lots of vegetables
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Consume enough protein
  • Eat food with high calcium throughout the day
  • Get Plenty of Vitamin D and Vitamin K
  • Avoid very low-calorie diets
  • Consider Taking a collagen supplement
  • Maintain a stable and healthy weight.



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