Canada to send Ukraine anti tank weapons PM

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Ottawa, March 1

Canada will send anti-tank weapons and upgraded ammunition to support Ukraine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday at a press conference.

"Yesterday, we announced that we would be sending new shipments of military supplies, including body armour, helmets, gas masks, and night-vision goggles," said Trudeau, Xinhua news agency reported.

"Today, we are announcing that we will be supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons systems and upgraded ammunition."

The Canadian government plans to prohibit all imports of Russian crude oil, Trudeau added.

This is in addition to previous shipments of lethal and non-lethal equipment to Ukraine.

The Canadian government is also carrying out a series of sanctions on Russia, including prohibiting Canadian financial institutions from engaging in any transaction with the Russian Central Bank and closing off Canadian airspace to Russian planes.


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