Leading Estonian Timber Companies Explore Opportunities in India

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Seven leading companies from the Estonian timber sector are in India on a significant trade mission, organised by Enterprise Estonia. This initiative, which aims to explore and capitalise on the burgeoning business opportunities in the vast and rapidly growing Indian market, is a testament to the importance and value of this potential partnership.

Kandla, the first port of call

The journey commenced in Gujarat, specifically in Kandla, one of India’s major timber hubs. Kandla, a crucial port town where 70% of India’s timber imports arrive, was chosen as the first stop for the visit. The primary objective here was to acquaint the Estonian delegation with the trading ecosystem, engage with owners of trading houses and sawmills, and identify potential business opportunities and partners. The delegation visited numerous timber importers, warehouses, and distributors and met with the Kandla Timber Association, representing over 2,000 timber-related businesses in the region.

Indian companies have expressed a strong desire to collaborate with Estonian businesses, driven by the increasing demand for high-quality wood products in India. Importing timber materials from various global sources, including other Scandinavian and Baltic countries, underscores the immense potential for Estonian timber in the Indian market. What sets Estonian timber apart is its unique selling points, such as its high quality, sustainable sourcing, and adaptability to various climatic conditions. This promising scenario sets the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership, fostering optimism and hope for both sides.

Estonian Timber

The Mumbai meet

The second phase of the trip took place in Mumbai, India’s bustling financial hub, which has long been known for its blend of historical and contemporary architecture. The city has recentlywitnessed a burgeoning interest in modern wood architecture, reflecting a global trend towards sustainable and aesthetically pleasing building practices. The objective was to familiarise the delegation with current architectural, interior design, innovation, and sustainability trends and meet with architects, importers, and log house builders. 

Positive feedback

“The Estonian timber industry is globally known for boldly accepting and delivering challenging solutions, carefully considering climatic requirements, customer needs, and environmental aspects. Besides, this trade mission is also a learning experience for Estonian companies to understand the requirements and prevailing nuances and practices of the Indian business market culture. Our companies are prepared to adapt and meet market demands by providing products in the required sizes and specifications,” commented Ambassador Luup.

The trade mission is organised by EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus / Trade with Estonia in collaboration with the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Kasvu Consulting Pvt Ltd.

The delegation includes the following companies: Hut Eesti, Lasita Maja Estonia, Pinska OÜ (Glulam Experts), Vara Sawmill, Wellmax Baltic Ltd., and Thermoarena OU, which the Ambassador of Estonia in India, H.E. Marje Luup, and the Deputy Head of Mission, Margus Solnson lead.




‘Make in India’ is a Great Initiative to Onboard Estonian Companies: Marje Luup, Ambassador of Estonia to India


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