How to clean gold jewellery at home

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New Delhi, Jan 31

 There are many reasons why gold trinkets, both new and old, lose their lustre over time. The most common cause of your gold jewellery losing its natural brilliance is known to be regular use. The longer you wear them, the less gloss and glitter they have. That's not all, though. Many variables impair gold's natural brilliance, from grime to cosmetics and common chemicals. Perfumes and moisturisers that you use on your skin might also harm your gold.

You don't have to go to the jeweller every time your gold necklaces or earrings start to lose their lustre. We are here to suggest some simple and effective tips to clean your gold ornaments at home.

* Cleaning your gold jewels with a toothbrush is one of the simplest and most effective ways to do it.

* Don't be pessimistic! You can clean your plain gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, and other decorations with a simple soap and water solution. Cleaning your basic gold jewellery with soap water removes dirt and oils accumulated over time. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to restore the lustre of your gold jewellery.

* So, how can you clean your plain gold ornaments using soap and water? Let us see.

* Begin with filling a basin halfway with warm water. Mix with the mild soap to make a solution. To make the solution, mix mild detergents or a few drops of dishwashing solutions in water.

* Dip your gold jewellery in the solution. Allow for 15-20 minutes of soak time. After that, rinse it with cold water and lay it flat on a nice, dry cloth or towel. Let it dry completely in the open air.

* Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from the nooks and crannies. But don't rub the jewellery too hard. Remember to keep it safe and secure, preferably in a jewellery box. This soap-water-brush procedure can be used to clean yellow, white, and rose gold jewellery.

* The water should neither be boiling nor be cold. You can also use sodium-free seltzer water or club soda instead of tap water.

* The filth that has gathered in your jewellery will be loosened by these carbonated liquids. You can get a professional jewellery cleaning solution for your home too.

"Cleaning your gold jewellery with gemstones, however, you should not follow this procedure to clean gemstone-studded jewellery. Owning and wearing gold jewellery with jewels is a wonderful thrill. Any gemstone, from costly stones like diamonds and rubies to semi-precious stones like topazes and tourmalines, enhances the beauty of gold. Never immerse gemstone-studded jewellery in water, even if you use a soap water solution," says Dishi Somani, Director, Dishis Designer Jewellery, "Soaking it can cause water to accumulate in the setting, causing it to corrode or discolour over time. Instead, rinse it and clean it using a soft toothbrush, such as a baby toothbrush. Check your ornament before washing to ensure it doesn't contain any loose stones. Let it dry completely before storing it. Check the water isn't too hot, especially if your jewellery includes delicate gemstones like opals."


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