Managing your attitude

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Anupama Nair


If you truly want to be successful, your number one task should be to create and maintain a positive attitude. When you've got an “attitude of optimism, expectancy and enthusiasm then opportunities grow and problems will shrink”. You might ask what is attitude? Attitude is the way you think and feel about someone or something. When people think of having a positive attitude, they might think that means showing surface level signs of happiness, like putting a smile on one’s face or trying to think happy thoughts.

However, it’s more than that. A positive attitude is something that goes deeper and has an effect beyond surface optimism. Negative attitude promotes fear, while positive attitude promotes a more hopeful outlook on life. Numerous studies have shown that having a positive outlook on life correlates with better psychological and physical wellbeing, and can even increase your life expectancy. A positive person views his life as broad and full of possibilities and leads to living your life in a way where you’re exposed acquiring new skills.

If you're a leader, a positive attitude surely draws people to your side and encourages them to do their best work. However, a leader with a negative attitude can only compel others to take action through fear. A question that is frequently asked is what would be point of being successful if you're always feeling lousy? 

Given below are some tips to stay upbeat:

Always act with purpose:

Always remember, before you take any action, you need to decide how it will help you achieve your goals.  If it is not of much use to you need to  take that action off your to-do list. It is well known that aimless activity wastes time and energy.

Stretch yourself past your limits every day:

Doing the same-old, job is depressing, even if you have been successful in the past. “Success is like athletics, if you don't stretch yourself every day, you gradually become slow and brittle”. So, if you feel you need a change in your job profile, you need to do it.

Take action without expecting results:

As Lord Krishna said “you should do work, without bothering about the result”, you must make decisions and take action that is best for the result you'd like to achieve. However, it's a big mistake to expect those results and then be disappointed if you don't get them. “Take your best shot but don't obsess about the target”.

Use setbacks to improve your skills:

Failure is the stepping stone to success. Instead of feeling bad, if you fail or get rejected, you would need to look back at your actions and see what you can do better to improve your performances and succeed the next time. 

Seek out those who share your positive attitude:

It's a scientific fact your brain automatically imitates the behavior of the people around you, which is due to ‘mirror neuron’ (a brain cell that reacts both when a particular action is performed and when it is only observed). Therefore, you should surround yourself with positive thinking people and stay away from those who are negative.

Don't take yourself so seriously:

If you want to be happier and make those around you feel more comfortable, you need to cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself.  If you don't or can't laugh at yourself, you can be sure that the people who work with you are laughing behind your back!

Forgive the limitations of others:

High standards are important, but humans are, well, human. It's crazy to make yourself miserable because other people can't do a job as well as you think you could, or when people don't share your vision with the same passion that you feel.

Say "thank you" more frequently:

Showing an "attitude of gratitude" needs to be much more than simply being aware of things wonderful in your life.  You should always thank other people for their gifts to you, even if that gift is something as simple and wonderful as a smile.


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