Peace meeting for Hindu Muslim unity in B luru

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Bengaluru, April 11

With the recent events threatening to polarise and pit communities against each other, religious leaders have come together to hold a peace meeting on Monday between the Hindu and Muslim communities.

The peace meeting has been organised in the state capital by Bharat Rakshana Vedike.

The meeting will discuss the issues of hijab versus saffron shawl row, killings of Hindu activists and campaign against the Muslim community which are harming the Hindu-Muslim relationship in the state.

The peace meeting is titled 'Sneha Sammilana haagu Samarasya sabhe' (Meeting for Harmony and get together).

Barkur Sansthan Mutt Seer Santhosh Bharthi Swamiji will preside over the programme. Shetty, the President of Bharat Rakshana Vedike has stated that the relations between Hindu and Muslim communities have strained too far in the backdrop of communal developments in the state since the past few months.

"If the issues are not addressed and peace is not found, we do not know where this disharmony will lead the society to," he said.

"Hindus and Muslims, both are citizens of this country. Both have to live in peace, otherwise it is detrimental for the future of the country," he said.

The peace meeting would discuss the ways to end the series of developments which are leading to communal disharmony and help establish harmony.

Bharath Shetty has stated that any campaign which has legal standing and if it is for a cause, then it is justified. "However, the recent campaigns are going in different directions and targetting innocent people," he said.

The organisers have given a call for like-minded leaders from both the communities to attend the meeting and to take part in the discussion to find out ways of bringing back the harmony.


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