Google TV app is now available on iOS platform

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San Francisco, June 2

Google TV app, which aggregates content recommendations from streaming services and lets users create a universal watchlist of their favourites, is now available on iOS.

The tech giant said that it will replace the previous Google Play Movies and TV app in the App Store, so if users have already got that installed, they should be able to update it to the Google TV experience, reports The Verge.

The software, already available on Android, also allows users to rate what they have previously viewed to improve future recommendations.

More important for Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV owners is that users can use the Google TV app as a remote control for those devices by tapping the remote icon.

Not every major streaming service allows its content to be included in Google TV's rows of aggregated recs, Netflix is the big holdout, the report said.

The company bowed out of Google TV integration very shortly after the release of the 2020 Chromecast, and Google has been unable to bring Netflix back into the fold ever since.

The Google TV app will also contain a library of rentals and purchases from Google.


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