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Mumbai: Mumbai's customs department on Tuesday arrested a passenger arriving from Dubai at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International (C.S.I) Airport after he was found carrying 44 gold bars of 500 gms each weighing 22 kilograms and valued at Rs. 6,74,48,260. During the follow-up action, an amount of Rs 1,51,50,000 was recovered from the residence of the passenger, part of which he had admittedly received as commission for earlier smuggled gold.

Based on the Profiling and Intelligence, the passenger was intercepted in the arrival hall by the officers of the Air Intelligence Unit, after he had cleared himself through the customs green channel and was proceeding towards the exit gate.

Personal search of the said passenger resulted in the recovery of 44 gold bars,each weighing 500 gms and totalling 22 kilograms and valued at Rs. 6,74,48,260, which was cleverly concealed on person of the said passenger.

The passenger, in his statement, has admitted knowledge, possession, carriage, concealment, recovery and involvement in the smuggling of the said gold bars being smuggled into India without payment of proper customs duty and in contravention of the provisions of the customs act, 1962. The passenger in his statement has admitted that he had smuggled gold on earlier occasions also.

Further investigation in this matter is in progress and efforts are underway to identify other accomplices.

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