Sheshnag Shringar Gauri like structures inside Gyanvapi mosque says Ajay Mishra s report

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Varanasi, May 19

Ajay Mishra, the Advocate Commissioner who conducted the survey in the Gyanvapi complex on May 6-7, has submitted his report, which claims he found Hindu religious symbols and temple debris inside the Gyanvapi mosque, to the local court here.

Mishra was later removed from the panel for leaking the survey report.

In the report submitted to the court, Ajay Mishra said: "On May 6, 2022 after the survey started, on the northwest wall, the debris of temples with symbols of gods and goddesses were found. Some lotus symbols carved on stones were also found. On the north west corner of the mosque, a new platform can be seen to have been built using cement, iron rods. Videography of the whole area has been done."

"While moving from north to west, images resembling Hindu deity Sheshnag were seen, which were videographed. Some stones with 'sinduri' colour carvings were also found."

He further said in his report that a triangular shaped structure was also found which was used to keep diya (earthen lamp).

Mishra in the report said, in the direction to the east inside the barricading and to the west of the mosque wall, some debris of the temple were found.

The next day on May 7, Mishra said, he resumed the work of survey in presence of petitioners, and claimed he found the threshold of the Shringar Gauri temple in the mosque premises, which was videographed.

The report also claimed that some broken structures had been found inside the mosque.

He said he submitted the video in the chip format to the court.


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