Madhavpur Mela a unique celebration of India s cultural diversity vibrancy PM

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New Delhi, April 10

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared a clip from his monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat' in which he elaborated on Madhavpur Mela as a unique celebration of India's cultural diversity and vibrancy.

The Prime Minister tweeted: "As the Madhavpur Mela commences, sharing what I said during last month's #MannKiBaat about this unique celebration of India's cultural diversity and vibrancy."

The Prime Minister also shared a tweet of Gujarat tourism emphasising the theme and joyful spirit of the mela.

"The milieu of the cultures of the west and northeast is celebrated with the divine marriage of Shri Krishna & Rukmini Devi. Be there to experience the joyful spirit, the grandeur, and the spirituality manifested through the majestic Madhavpur Mela," Gujarat tourism tweeted.

During his 'Mann Ki Baat' last month, Prime Minister Modi mentioned that 'Madhavpur Mela' is held in the village of Madhavpur near the sea at Porbandar in Gujarat.

"It is said that thousands of years ago Lord Krishna was married to Rukmani, a princess from the North East. This marriage took place in Madhavpur, Porbandar and as a symbol of that marriage, even today, Madhavpur fair is held there. This deep relationship between the East and West is our heritage. With the passage of time with the efforts of the people, new aspects too are now being added to the Madhavpur fair," the Prime Minister had said.

He had noted that artists from all the states of the North East reach the Madhavpur Fair, which lasts for a week, when artisans associated with handicrafts arrive and the beauty of the fair is enhanced manifold.

"For a week, this amalgamation of cultures of the East and West of India, the Madhavpur fair creates a very beautiful example of Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat. I request you to read and know more about this fair as well," he had added.


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