Pot making and Selling in Mumbai

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In the heart of Mumbai, a centuries-old tradition of clay pot-making thrives, particularly during the scorching summer months. This cultural practice, steeped in history and passed down through generations, sees local artisans skillfully shaping vessels that naturally cool water, providing a much-needed respite from the heat.

As the temperature rises, the demand for these handmade clay pots escalates. Imagine narrow lanes adorned with vibrant carts, each laden with an array of these traditional pots. The sellers, often with weathered hands, proudly display their wares, showcasing the artistry and functionality of the clay vessels.

As the sun beats down, customers flock to the vibrant carts lining the narrow lanes, enticed by the promise of cool refreshments. The sellers, their hands weathered from years of crafting, proudly display their wares, passionately extolling the virtues of the clay pots. These buyers, seeking a natural and sustainable solution to beat the heat, eagerly participate in this age-old process, adding another chapter to Mumbai’s street life story.

Clay pots relieve summer heat and preserve a traditional craft that weaves its way through the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai’s street life.

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