Hyundai launches SUV Kona

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New Delhi: Automobile major Hyundai Motor India on Tuesday launched KONA Electric, India's 'First Fully Electric SUV', with an introductory price of Rs 25.30 lakh. Kona has an estimated range of 452 kms per charge and comes with differentiated driving modes like Eco+, Eco, Comfort and Sport.
The new electric SUV's powertrain employs a 136 ps permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor powered by a high-voltage 39.2 kWh advanced lithium-ion polymer battery.
Consequently, the motor is able to develop a 40.27 kgm of torque distributed to the front wheels giving an acceleration of 0 to 100 km per hour in just 9.7 seconds.
Besides, the battery system features 'liquid-cooling technology', while the battery pack has high energy density.
According to the company, customers will be provided with two chargers including a portable charger and an AC wall box charger.
"The Portable charger can be plugged into any normal '3 Pin 15 Amp socket'… This charger can top up daily running of 50 kms in less than three hours," the company said.
The 'AC Wall Box charger' (7.2 kW) can top-up charge the vehicle within 1 hour for running 50 kms, it added.
In addition, the company said that it is working along with IOCL to develop infrastructure at "select fuel stations in select cities" to provide fast charging facilities.
"HMIL will invest on the equipment and installation of these 'Fast Chargers' (CCS Type – Single Port). These chargers can charge 80 per cent of the battery capacity in less than an hour," the company added.
"Moreover, all Hyundai Electric Selling dealerships are equipped with 7.2 kW AC charger to support customers for KONA Electric charging. Additionally, in select cities a special Kona Electric fleet fitted with power converter will provide emergency charging support to the customers."


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