Uber adds fuel surcharge due to high gas prices

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San Francisco, March 12

 In response to surging gas prices, ride-hailing company Uber has announced that it is adding a surcharge on fares and deliveries in the US and Canada.

Rideshare riders will pay a $0.50 surcharge on every ride and, on Uber Eats where trips are shorter, consumer fees will be adjusted to cover the equivalent of a $0.35 surcharge on every delivery.

The company said that 100 per cent of surcharges will go directly to drivers and delivery people.

The temporary fee is designed to reduce the burden of high gas prices, not to cover the full cost of a tank.

The fee is temporary but lasts for at least the next 60 days, but we will continue to review feedback and monitor gas prices throughout that period.

"Importantly, we will also seize this moment to bolster our efforts to help more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles, which will both limit the impact of the volatility in fuel prices and lower emissions," the company wrote in a blogpost.

"We have made a commitment to operate a zero-emission platform globally by 2040, and in Canadian cities with supportive policies, like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, by 2030," it added.

The company said that drivers who switch to EVs can enjoy higher earnings potential due to Uber's Green Future Programme, which provides incentives, such as $1 more per trip up to $4,000 annually, for drivers to transition from gas-powered vehicles to EVs.



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