Public Sector Oil Companies in TN to set up 900 e charging stations

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Chennai, June 5

In a bid to go green, Public sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) of Tamil Nadu will be setting up 900 e-charging stations in the state with Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and Bharat Petroleum Corporation taking the lead.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has 133 e-charging stations in Tamil Nadu and is planning to install 400 more e-stations by the end of this financial year. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPC) will be setting up 175 more e-charging stations from the 79 it has now.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) will be installing 145 more e-charging stations by the end of this financial year.

The Oil Marketing Corporation officials said that they are planning to create a demand for electric vehicles as an increase in the number of e-charging stations would increase the number of electric vehicle users.

An official with the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) while speaking  said, "Presently the e-charging stations in the state highways attached with the fuel stations are getting only a handful of recharging, but with the increase in the number of e-charging stations, we are confident that the people will buy more electric vehicles as the availability of charging stations will help people recharge their batteries during the travel."

Oil Marketing Company sources also said that the investment is expensive with around Rs 1 crore investment required per charging station. There are fast charging stations that are deployed at highways to cater to those travellers who need fast recharging during a long trip. Slow recharging is conducted in city-based charging stations.

However, the prices are not very nominal and not much profitable and the prices are presently fixed by individual dealers of the fuel outlets. The e-charging station owners want the government to provide more subsidies to those who buy e-vehicles as this would increase the carbon footprint and thereby increase the environmental conditions.

A senior official with an Oil Marketing Company while speaking  said, "On this June 5, which is celebrated as World Environment Day, there should be a pledge that more sops are provided to the buyers of e-vehicles to increase its sales and thereby reducing pollution."


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