Dhappa cast opens up on their show which deals with love and romance

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Mumbai, May 23

Actors Abigail Pande, Abhishek Kapur and Varunn Jain talk about their upcoming web show 'Dhappa' and share dating tips for youngsters.

The show features Monalisa, Varunn Jain, Jay Bhanushali, Abigail Pande, Krissann Barretto, Vishal Singh, Sanam Johar, Smriti Khanna, Abhishek Kapur, Samridh Bawa, Dishank Arora, Sakshi Sharma, and Mohit Duseja.

The upcoming show brings five love stories full of romance, challenges and fun. All these stories show how the characters in 'Dhappa' try their best to keep their love life guarded. So the cast shared some dating tips for youngsters.

Abigail shares her thoughts: "I sincerely believe that a relationship between two people should not be the source of gossip for others. Keeping that sentiment in mind, two people in love should be able to flaunt it. Moreover, they should be able to stand for their love with conviction and vigour."

"Love is a sacred emotion and should not be characterised as a sin. Don't hide it if you can't handle it."

Abhishek adds: "I personally feel it differs from person to person and couple to couple. While some like it private, some showcase it to the world especially on their social media handles."

"For me, I've been single for the longest time, but when I date someone, I wouldn't mind keeping it public as I feel there is nothing to hide. Although everything cannot be made public, when my relationship reaches a stage where I can feel comfortable I'll surely open up about it."

Adding to the same Varunn says: "My advice to the youngsters is to lead your love life in all honesty and not shy away from proclaiming your love as it is the purest and most passionate emotion that one experiences in life. You should be able to shout it from the mountain top and overcome the ire of society as one strong unit."

'Dhappa' will be released on May 24 on Hungama Play.


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